Don Giovanni - Waterperry Opera Festival

Il Parnaso Confuso - Les Bougies Baroques

Il Campanello di Notte - Donizetti


...and Manifold steal the show with their arias, easily and exquisitely voiced.


    - Tim Ashely - The Guardian


The latter gave rise to one of this production's wittiest moments as the soprano Alison Manifold responded petulantly to the inevitable da capo, though she handled its challenges with both style and warm tonal substance.


    - Yehuda Shapiro - Opera Magazine



Alison Manifold had the voice with the most potential, a big voice already with the bloom of a deeply-scented rose... this is a voice which will be able to transcend a Strauss orchestra. Miss Manifold also has a big, warm personality which commands attention when she is on stage. I hope we hear more from her very soon.


    - Miranda Jackson - Opera Britannia



Soprano Alison Manifold’s  Euter[p]e produced some of the most comic tantrums and had a truly brilliant moment when all her attempts failed to distract oboist Jan Hutek in his fine obbligato contribution to her Siediti Dunque e Ascol-tami. She, too, was in great form. The recitatives were crisply rendered, diction all round was clear and arias were very well projected.



    - Albert Storace - The Times of Malta


Alison Manifold, looking striking in a Wicked Lady style wig and hat (only the beauty spot was missing) was the flirty sexy Euterpe sung with a lovely rich, quite romantic style voice.  In her aria she complemented (the oboe) with the rich dark tones of her voice plus a really sexy and funny performance.


    - Robert Hugill - Planet Hugill

“I'm falling swiftly in love with Ali Manifold's voice — whatever that thing is which makes one lyric soprano grab me while a dozen others don't, Ali's got it, and she's gorgeous on stage as well.”


    ~ Sarah Noble - Prima la musica

Sydney-trained Alison Manifold as Elvira - had the vocal equipment to dazzle.

  - Roger Neill - Opera Magazine

Alison Manifold's spirited, if somewhat exasperated Elvira, is juicier and earthier in tone. 

  - Yehuda Shapiro - The Stage